Office for lease

A complex building with office for lease, shopping mall and foodcourt,  was built on the area of 16000 m2
Business Center

Shopping Mall area with the overall ground meticulous investing  and planning.With layout had special planed and decorative in the counters made prominence of Mirae Business Center.

-    With many famous brand stalls like Daiso – a household supermarket with only one price 35.000 vnd and more than 900.000 products will make you surprised with many product only see in this place.

-    Blue Exchange – fashion area , a famous and popular brand for teenage. Surely, you’ll discovery your fashion clothes in here.

-    Game Center are, with nice decorative and creativities, almost game machine in good status, team of technical always care 24/24 make sure customers pleased to play.

-    Besides, Shopping mall have some stalls of comestic, jewelry and perfume is : T&P stall, PLM stall, Titi Silver stall, Crytal stall,  make sure you will found your favorites products. 80% products of these stalls imported from oversee and original Company.

-    And others fashion stalls is : Unicol stall– fashion of men’s uniform, Hello Kitty stall and Sea Star stall – children fashion, Lady’s uniform stall, Everich stall - Party dress, Debor – Teenage fashion. Surely server all off customers needs.

-    Besides, JMG stall – Tools of massager, Rainbow stall – Children toy, Thanh Bắc stall – watches and glasses, Zono stall – shoes fashion, all of them contribute to the richness and harmony of Bussiness Center.

Mirae Bussiness Center happy to sever customers.

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